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We know alot of stuff but there are certains things we explicitly good at

SAAS Development

Bravinn’s engineers with their skillset ensure stable and reliable software as a service for our customers. Engineers go through a streamlined process of software development that allows them to make a revenue-generating software business for our customers.

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Mobile Development

The world is moving towards mobile services and applications, and mobile applications change with the modern trend. Our mobile development team keeps up with the upcoming trends,styles and technology to provide up to date solutions in mobility.

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UI/UX Design

We have the most creative minds at work at Bravinn Technologies, Our design department works closely with the customer to understand the nature of their business, which enables them to create the most stunning and intuitive user interface of the software.

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Vector Graphics, Animations, Motion Graphics

Our creative team of designers and animators work tirelessly around the clock to produce the most innovative ideas. Graphics, 2D Animations, Animated Video Ads, Motion Graphics are some of the fields in which we have spent countless hours.

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Digital Commerce

Successful businesses around the globe are customer-driven. These businesses vary depending upon the needs and demands of the customer. In order to implement these demands, our customers reach us for a wide range of our commerce services for their businessess.

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Product Marketing and Consultancy

With experience over 8 years in this business of software development, we have over 15+ successful product launches of our own with thousands of daily active customers. Using this experience, we provide the best marketing strategy and consultation to our customer.

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Grow your Business with us.

Bravinn Technologies is your trusted one-stop-shop to expand your online business. We provide exclusive services from product development to product marketing.

Research and Development

Our research team goes the extra mile with pre-production research. We explore the best technologies and scenarios to provide services that result in an optimized and stable software product.

Agile Development Process

To ensure the quality of the product/service we go through a complex process of Agile software development. This process allows all the teams working on a project to communicate seamlessly to reach the milestones before time and maintains the ongoing progress.

Customer Service and Support System

What makes Bravinn Technology set apart as a company is that we want to talk with anyone that owns our product, regardless of where you bought it. If you have any problem with one of our services just send us a message and we'll help you resolve your issue.
The same goes for the services we provide for our client, talk to us, help us understand how to make your product your long term revenue generating business.

24/7 Support Team

We have a dedicated team to help out customers of our software products. There is a devised ticketing system in place to ensure the improvement in our response time and solve rate based on the feedback from our customers.

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Our Successfull Products

Over the years we have successfully launched these software products that help
our customers to maximize their sales and traffic.

People Who Made It Possible

Meet the people who made Bravinn technologies into what it is today.

Rahil Ahmed


Rahil Ahmed


Usman Aziz

Managing Director

Usman Aziz

Managing Director

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