Designo Pro 2 Training and Tutorials

Let our expert instructors teach you all about Designo Pro 2 and its all New Features. They will help you create awesome graphic designs with simple clicks.

To have a basic training of Designo first see Designo v1 training videos here :

Designo Version 2.0 New Features Tutorials

Login Process DesignoPro 2

Video Length: 0m 47s

Editing Visual 3d Graphics

Video Length: 3m 18s

Add your own Fonts

Video Length: 1m 28s

Save/Load Project from Cloud

Video Length: 1m 50s

Bulk Text Changing in Branding Mockups

Video Length: 1m 52s

Auto Image embeding in Realistic Mockups

Video Length: 2m 46s

Exporting SVG with Fonts

Video Length: 1m 44s

Exporting as PDF

Video Length: 1m 18s

New Designing Tools

Video Length: 2m 44s

Web API Access DesignoPro 2

Video Length: 2m 09s